Events“Minime d’Amore” – Letizia Battaglia, a bit of Love in Palermo

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The CityXcape crew, #explorers by habit, recently adventured into an new and awesome adventure!
We all know that Palermo is full of surprises and it is bursting with a rich offering of emotions.

We explored “Minime d’Amore” by Letizia Battaglia, an extraordinary international photojournalist from Palermo – whom more generations of women and men look to as an example of courage and freedom.


Letizia has distinguished herself for her career and her commitment by receiving several international awards and prizes.
Her impressive #background clearly sets the tone for an impressive exhibition.

Her photographic exhibition portrays the idea of a Love rooted in mutual understanding, telling a tale of love in absolute terms, highlighting the feeling of love itself while shedding light of the many different reasons and forms love can have.


The exhibition offers a surprisingly large array of poetry and intimate works, filled with traces on incredible levels of humanity. Images of lives that have long ceased to be, dispersed in space and time; lives that had surely loved.


The exhibitions is hosted at FPAC – Francesco Pantaleone Contemporary Art gallery from the 13th of December 2020 to the 14th of February 2021 – it is no coincidence that it will end on Valentine’s Day.


The FPAC contemporary art gallery was founded in Palermo in 2003, with the intentions of establishing two elite level show grounds for contemporary art, both local and international. For over a decade, the gallery has been located at the “Vucciria”, in the very heart of the historical market of Palermo.

Today the gallery is located inside the delightfully beautiful 17th century historical “Di Napoli” Palace in the heart of the Quattro Canti neighborhood of Palermo. It sticks to its original mission of showcasing an example and diverse set of affirmed artists.


Today Francesco Pantaleone brings forth a project he defines as “glocal. For the past few years, he has become one of Sicily’s most well know gallery owners, having been able to earn a spot for himself in both national and international circles, while refuting absolutely any forms of localisms, all while not renouncing to recognize the value of the Island’s most interesting artists: Benzani, Simeti, Abbate and Longo.

You know Sicilians have the right vibes!


Being “CityXcapers” from the ordinary, lovers of culture and promoters of what our local territory has to offer, we often embrace projects such as these, underlining the supporting interdependence of various sectors; Also, let’s be frank…
Tourism is also love, which we luckily are filled with!

If you visit Palermo, we highly recommend you to fully enjoy “Minime d’Amore”. You won’t regret it!


Despite the hard times, we are glad that there is still hope in art – the launchpads for rebirth of tourism!

Do you wanna know more? Visit our website and “Discover” with us.


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Editor: Erik Jerne 

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We made a choice of responsability. We are proud to be part of a change and promote a virtuous and mafia-free economy.

CityXcape is officially part of Comitato Addiopizzo list.

We made a choice of responsability. We are proud to be part of a change and promote a virtuous and mafia-free economy.

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"Minime d'Amore" - Letizia Battaglia, a bit of Love in Palermo

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