City LifePalermo and its culture: towards a more International Image

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Hello Cityxcapers! How would you define Palermo in just one word? 


 We have decided to define it today as a Welcoming City”as defined from BBC in the documentary “Sicily, The Wonder of the Mediterranean in 2018. 

Palermo is not only welcoming but also multi-cultural, it embracessince its birthdifferent people and cultures.  

It is important to mark its aspect asduring this difficult year we have been throughall the foundations and museums have tried to offer and maintain a cultural level – always alive and accessible to all 

The great international turning point has certainly happened in 2018, when Palermo was elected Italian Capital of Culture “ 


Since there the city have hosted many international events such as: Manifesta – biennial event of contemporary art, Le Vie dei Tesori – increasing the participation of tourists from all over Europe and  various other temporary exhibitionsMost of them  are quite important as have toured for the main Italian cities (among these we findModigliani Experience –Les Femmes,  Steve McCurry – Icons and Caravaggio Experience). 

We can clearly confirm that Palermo is really expanding and improvig its cultural offer 365 days a year! 

Also during 2020 Palermo is maintaining an international position within the cultural contextProven by the presence of two temporary exhibitions of a global interest: 


The first exhibition is Heroes – Bowie by Sukita. 


From Saturday 10th of October to Sunday 31st of January, the myth of David Bowie is celebrated through the shots of the master of Japanese photography Masayoshi Sukitaat the Sant’Elia Foundation. 

The exhibition aims to communicate the close friendship between the two artistsIt was 1972 when Sukita travelled to London to photograph Marc Bolan and the T-Rex and it was right there that he remained impressed by David’s creativitySince then many events and collaborations took place and sealed their bond, including the cover of the artist’s most famous album, Heroes. 


The second exhibition is called  “Portrait of the Unknown. An artist called Banksy”. 


Hosted inside the Loggiato San Bartolomeo and Palazzo Trinacria from the 7th of October 2020 to 17th of January 2021, this is the Banksy’s first temporary exhibition in Sicily. For this reason it immediately had an incredible success! 

Enigmatic, provocative, communicator of an art accessible to all – Banksy (whose identity is still unknown) makes his works unique. Full of humor and definitely an evergreen. His genius is not described only through his artworks but it also communicates a specific messageespecially during  certain events. The most iconic moment is the destruction of the artwork “The girl with the balloon” during an exhibition at Sotheby’s in London after its sale for over 1 million pounds. The artist wanted to accuse the commercialisation of art. It was such a pity that the value of that work tripled after its destruction 

Banksy breaks the conventional artistic ideals, just as Palermo that has broken all the borders during the last years 

We are ready to host and welcome art in all its shapes!


Editor: Francesco Romano 

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We made a choice of responsability. We are proud to be part of a change and promote a virtuous and mafia-free economy.

CityXcape is officially part of Comitato Addiopizzo list.

We made a choice of responsability. We are proud to be part of a change and promote a virtuous and mafia-free economy.

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Palermo and its culture: towards a more International Image

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