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There are plenty of cities that worth a visit in the Mediterranean area, but Palermo is definitely a “must”.
In the past centuries it has hosted greeks, arabs, normands, spanish and french cultures– this has left a real melting-pot of art, history, culture and beautiful traditions.


Do you only have two days to visit this amazing city?

Here are some tips on what to do and what to see!

Palermo is the biggest city in Sicily with the largest city centre in Italy. Here you find mesmerising monuments and amazing churches all decorated with unique details. It is a special city because you can also find gardens, parks, the Mountain and the sea side.
The atmosphere is very typical especially if you visit the historical markets, with their old but yet actual smells and colours that will fulfill all your senses while you walk through spices, fresh fruit and vegetables. Palermo has everyting a city can have!

It is worthwhile to come here to wander through the busy streets and alleys.
It won’t be difficult to get in contact with the locals, as here everyone is welcome!

If you lose yourself in the city, someone will come to help you – and probably you will end up at the local cafè sipping an espresso together like old friends.


Transportation in Palermo:

Palermo is not famous for its transports. There is no subway – as the underground soil has still some ancient ruins where archelogical activities are still taking place.

The Bus:
Unfortunately the local bus company is not very well ogranised – you will never know where and what time the bus is due.
Anyway it is fun and it is the safest and esiest way to move around. The most important bus numbers are the n.101 – that cuts the city in half,  and the n.806 (the most important one!) the one that goes to Mondello beach.

Bike Sharing:
It is pretty handy to bike around, even though we recommand to walk around instead, as Palermo is an open air museum!
This is helped by the weather, as it is never too cold and it rarely rains.


Palermo’s Top Attractions:


The Massimo Theatre

Is the most Iconic monument of the city. Europe’s second-largest and Italy’s most prestigious opera house. A real belle époque style masterpiece. With its coloumns, the sided lions and its red and gold unique colours. It stages opera, ballet and music concerts.


The Cathedral

Definitely what represents Palermo the most. It was built from the arabs and it used to be a mosque. When the normands arrived, with King Frederick the II they turned it into a church – today is the representation af the mix of the different cultures living together in the city.


Palazzo dei Normanni

Our Royal Palace, where the kings that dominated the city used to live. It has a beautifully designed style. Inside you can find the Cappella Palatina – a golden decorated church. Today the Royal Palace is the seat of the Sicilian Parliament.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele

The main pedestrian road that cuts the city centre in half. It is the perfect spot for a stroll, with its boutiques, small hand-craft shops and  typically italian cafès.



The most ancient historical market, built from the arabs in the 1200 and still keeps its vibe. Here you can find any kind of products: spices, fruits, vegetables.  Here you will enjoy the typical  “abbanniata” – (right singing to promote the products on the stalls).



This is the second historical market. It will surely leave you speachless becuase it ts the favourite gathering place of young people in Palermo. In the morning you can do your grocery but at night every stall will turn into a small tavern where you can sip a nice glass of red wine or zibibbo while meeting friends and listening to some underground music.



The perfect spot for a stroll in the sun – the beach. This place will leave you breathless – with its crystalclear water, the light sand and all the small shops, bars and restaurants selling local products – a picturesque postcard. Its particularity is the Charleston, a very famous and fancy restaurant floating on the water.


If you want to discover more about Palermo, then you landed on the perfect website!
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CityXcape is officially part of Comitato Addiopizzo list.

We made a choice of responsability. We are proud to be part of a change and promote a virtuous and mafia-free economy.

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Palermo in 2 Days – What to Do, What to See

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