---price €45,00 per person
--- departure 18:30 from Piazza Verdi, Palermo city centre

Enjoy CityXcape Craft Beer Walk!

The first tour in Palermo that allows you to live a unique and authentic experience. It is a multi-sensory journey, discovering the smells, colors and flavors of a whole new story.

Thanks to the friendly and trained experts of Ballarak Brewery and Extra Hop Beer Shop, accompanied by professional tour guides you not only discover Palermo from a new perspective, but you will also have the opportunity to watch the production directly at the brewery, tasting the ingredients that make the local beer unique by participating in a guided tasting of the best local beers.

A tasting of 9 different local beers accompained with a tasting of typical sicilian focaccia, locally produced.

Also, knowing the story of this new production activity you will find yourself pleasantly surprised in meeting the true side of a place, yet to be discovered.


---price €29,00 per person
--- departure 10:00 from Piazza Verdi, Palermo city centre

The Teatro Massimo, the open-air market "Il Capo", Piazza della Memoria (Memorial dedicated to prosecutors and judges killed by the Mafia), Piazza Beati Paoli, the Cathedral, the City Hall, Piazza Magione: every stop is a cause for reflection, a chance to mull over the realities of the Mafia and consider the civic movement against Mafioso power.

Along the tour you will meet shopkeepers who have said NO to paying the pizzo, who have subscribed to the ethical consumer campaign ‘Pago chi non paga’ (I pay who does not pay). This campaign is promoted by Addiopizzo to support those that have decided to rebel against the Mafia.

The tour ends at Antica Focacceria San Francesco, one of the oldest restaurants in Palermo, famous for its ‘cibo da strada palermitano’ (street food of Palermo). Hear you will learn about how the owners had the courage to speak out against extortion. Lunch is not included but if you decide to stay you can taste some specialties like, "pane con la milza" (sandwich stuffed with beef spleen and ricotta cheese), "arancine" (rice balls), "panelle" (chickpea fritters), "anelletti al forno" (baked ring-shaped pasta), "involtini di melanzane" (eggplant rolls), "sarde a beccafico" (sardine rolls) and the famous Cannoli.

The itinerary outlined on this page is subject to slight changes depending on the opening hours of certain museums and restaurants as well as the availability of the people you will meet during the trip.

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---price €39,00 per person
--- departure 11:00 from Piazza Verdi, Teatro Massimo

The Palermo morning food tour is a relaxing 3hr walking tour with a young local guide to enjoy the markets and monuments of Palermo city center and taste the best local street food.
The tour has been designed for curious travelers and adventurous foodies who want to learn about the local culture without any touristy filter.

The Palermo street food tour explores the local markets of Capo and Vucciria and its secret gems.
You will have the chance to try the most authentic street food specialties and learn about their history and recipes, such as the arancina (meat rice ball), the sfincione (tomato sauce focaccia), the vegetarian panelle and cazzilli fritters, the challenging pani ca’ meusa (veal offal roll), the famous cannoli with ricotta cream or the huge broscia col gelato (ice cream sandwich) and some extra daily treat!

Along the morning food and local market tour of Palermo you will also enter an old inn where to sip a glass of good wine or a refreshing beer, snack some fresh products and have a cheerful toast with the locals. Indeed, meeting the Palermitans is an important part of the experience, We want you to enjoy the city as a local not simply as a visitor!

At the beginning of the tour all participants will receive their personal Streaty Palermo Food Passport which lists all the tasty specialties offered along the walk and also includes a Palermo street food tour map.

The Palermo morning tour starts from the central Teatro Massimo and ends in piazza San Domenico or nearby piazza Fonderia, only 15 minute walk distance to the port. All Streaty food guides are local and keep a laid-back attitude with the travellers making them feel comfortable as they were visiting the city with a local friend.

On this tour we hosted Rick Stein (BBC2), Paul Hollywood (City Bakes) and Rick Steves’ crew.
Wanna know more about street food in Palermo? Enjoy the tour!


---price €25,00 per person
--- departure 16:00 from Piazza San Domenico

Palermo’s walls are filling up with colours.
The city urban scene is going through many exciting changes thanks to street art.

The Street Art Tour is focused on the urban regeneration that is giving colour to those grey buildings damaged by the World War II or to those that have been victims of illegal construction.
The tour shows you old and new pieces, big and tiny hidden installations, and describes the artists and techniques.
It's a chance to open your mind to the world of street art murals and hidden visual gems made by several Italian and international artists.

It takes place in the very heart of the historical centre, and weaves through the fascinating narrow cobbled streets of the main districts of the town.


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CityXcape is officially part of Comitato Addiopizzo list.

We made a choice of responsability. We are proud to be part of a change and promote a virtuous and mafia-free economy.


CityXcape is officially part of Comitato Addiopizzo list.

We made a choice of responsability. We are proud to be part of a change and promote a virtuous and mafia-free economy.

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